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Entrega del premio al ganador de los '10 años de la circulación de monedas y billetes euro'

Entrega del premio al ganador conmemorativa 2 Euro 2012

Presentación por Olli Rehn, miembro de la CE responsable de Asuntos Económicos y Monetarios del premio al ganador del diseño de una moneda conmemorativa para celebrar los 10 años del euro.


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Aqui os dejo otra imagen del diseñador cuya propuesta para los 2 Euro Conmemorativos 10 años de la circulación del euro resultó ganadora:

Helmut Andexlinger

Manchester United warns: Don't try to buy old guys again.

Jose Mourinho has no absolute say in the transfer issue. Manchester United have had a bad season, and Mourinho has criticized the team for failing to help this summer. The winter window of January is a good opportunity for Manchester United to make corrections, and according to the Guardian, Manchester United are preparing to provide Jose Mourinho with more than £ 100 million in Money.

But the ESPN news points out that this does not mean that Jose Mourinho can buy as much as he wants, and that if the top judge Jose Mourinho's target is not in line with the team's long-term plan, it will be vetoed. The latest ESPN report says Mourinho hopes to have the money to introduce the centre-backs in January, with potential candidates including Milan-Scrignard, Romagnoli, Nikolai Milonkovic and others. Compared with the target of this summer, the change is not small.

Manchester United have told Mourinho that if they think Jose Mourinho's goals are not in the long-term interests of the team, they will veto the deal. This summer, Manchester German Bundesliga United gave up a number of central defender goals, mainly based on this factor.

Boateng's injury record, Mina brokers demanding high commission, the price of the horse, and Aldwede Real Madrid is 30 years old, united to these people have a different degree of concern, and eventually lead to failure. ESPN says United are brewing a reform of the internal recruitment structure Leicester City, including the appointment of a football director. Mourinho's problem with the issue of aid may be the same as it was this summer.